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Direct to Consumer

What enable Ealing supply baby products on the best price–performance ratio?

Ealing has a unique and in-depth understanding of Supply Chain on Baby Goods Industry. Benefits from Direct-to-Consumer model, Ealing is pleased to link UK parents directly with 3oo+ reliable manufacturers, therefore people will find our products are higher quality but in lower price compare to traditional shops, even Amazon and Ebay. 

What is Direct-to-Consumer model?

The Direct-to-Consumer business model is replacing the traditional supply chain, which with one end connected to the manufacturer and the other to the consumer. All links in between, like inventory, logistics, sales and distribution, can be omitted to save unnecessary cost so that customers can buy high quality goods at lower prices.

Say goodbye to the middlemen! Buying directly with manufacturers, you could get some of the lowest prices in the industry. No Distributors. No dealers. No high price tag.