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Ealingbox Delivers Best Value to English Mums Amidst Biggest Possible Trade War

Ealingbox Delivers Best Value to English Mums Amidst Biggest Possible Trade War 0

US-China Trade War Begins, affects UK market?

Salford, Jul 9, 2018 (isstories)The United States started imposing 25 percent tariff on Chinese imports after midnight Thursday, firing a salvo in a trade war that analysts said would sour relations between the two countries while hurting businesses, consumers, and the world economy.

In all, about $75 billion worth of US exports will be subject to retaliatory tariffs from the country’s major trade partners as of this week, according to a statement from the US Chamber of Commerce.

The major question on the lips of many people in Britain is how what is turning out to be the biggest trade will affect the lives of people, particularly mums and babies.

Best ever value delivers to English Mums by Ealingbox

An international study revealed that Childcare costs in Britain are by far the highest in the Western world, with an insurance firm, LV, valuing the total expense of raising a child until they are 21 at £229,251. This is more expensive than buying a house in most big cities. Studies have also revealed that the majority of the cost to the consumer is in the markup that goes to the middleman and retailer. Sometimes there is more than one middleman, which has made it necessary for businesses to seek ways of reducing the impact of middlemen and consequently save cots. This has led to the creation of”The Direct-to-Consumer business model,”which allows manufacturers to sell directly online to consumers.

Using the Direct-to-Consumer business model, Ealingbox could help many families save a large amount of money on baby products. As a young but vibrant baby goods platform in the UK,Ealingbox creates a customer to manufacturer relationship, linking English Mums directly with over 300 top and reliable manufacturers, providing them with premium quality baby products at reduced prices, and of course ensuring great value for money spent.

Its website has seen sales increase 50% in less than two months since its launch, with accolades coming from different quarters. “This website looks fabulous. I can easily find new innovative and high-quality products with prices are around 20%-50% lower than other baby retailers. Because of this big savings, we could afford a cozy family holiday this summer,” says Angelina, a mother of a 3-year-old Daughter from Salford.

“By analysing the effort of US-China trade war, the 1/4 reduction of mutual exports are forecasted by most of the manufacturers in both countries.” Calvin, Director of Ealingbox."Redundant supply press down pricing,therefore our partner manufacturers guaranteed to supply products to our customers at best ever price.”


A youngest artist in the world is here!

A youngest artist in the world is here! 0


My mum told me that I was a creative artist when I was just one year old.
What? You don’t believe it?
3 steps to make your little one becoming the youngest painter in the world!
Prepare a large piece of paper, the pigments in different colour and a kitchen film,
️️Put the pigments on the paper and use the kitchen film cover the paper,
️Then, put you baby on the paper and encourage he/she crawls or walks on the paper.

Just few minuets later, a piece of great artistic works is done!

A youngest artist in the world is here! 

No wait just move! Make your youngest artist drawing today!

Try to catch the sun with your baby

Try to catch the sun with your baby 0



I always ask my mom,
“ Mammy, how far the sun is?”
 “Sweetie, it’s not so far, you can even catch it. Would you like to have a try?”
“ Yes, I want to catch the sun!”

My mom prepared a small mirror and brought me to the park. Using a mirror to reflect the sunlight, a small light spot appears on the ground. I chase the light spot and try to catch it!

Aha! It is so funny, I run around and round in the park and can’t stop laughing!

Why not trying to be fed by your baby ?

Why not trying to be fed by your baby ? 0

Hey! Dinnertime!
Mammy feed me every day, 
But, I want to feed my mom today.
Have you ever be fed by your baby?
How about give a chance for your little one to take care of you?

Just three steps to start:
Prepare some snacks and a spoon.
Tell your little one that you are the baby and he/she is the parents today.
Then, let your baby fed you.
This activity could not only help your baby exercise their hands but also help them become more independent.

So, why not trying to be fed by your baby tonight? No wait just move!